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My Services

Across different fields like agriculture, finance, and healthcare, I get to join brilliant teams and contribute to designing products and services that people love. I work across the end-to-end journey, from research to co-creation, product roadmaps, designing and building the products themselves, launch and adoption strategies etc. Along the way, I point out areas where things can be even better. My passion is crafting solutions that truly solve problems. I love sharing my knowledge on research, design techniques, technologies like AI and human-centered design. 

About Me

Throughout my career, I've been driven by making things people love. Led by research and user needs, I design products and strategies that feel intuitive and delightful. From concept to launch, I've tackled projects across countless fields, specialising in user-centred design and digital transformations. My ultimate goal? To bridge the gap between technology and hearts, creating experiences that win users over and keep them coming back for more. My in-depth practice in service design, UX, and product design fuel my passion every step of the way.

Recent work